Bro. & Mrs. John Bailes - Reseeding America


Collins Children’s Home & The Seller Family
Bro. & Mrs. Richard Vance - Printing Ministry
Bro. Dwayne Harrison & Family- Africa
Mrs. Linda McKeever - Maine
Bro. Mark Shumaker & Family - Church Helps/Planter USA
Bro. & Mrs. Bob Cook - Church Planting USA
Bro. & Mrs. Robert Keeton - Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
Bro. Preston Cronan & Family - United Kingdom
(Due to safety reasons we are unable to share their names) Family - India
Bro. & Mrs. Dennis Terry - Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
Beams Bible Publishing
Wall of Grace Ministries
Bro. Vincent Agbodo & Family - West Africa
Bro. Larry Brinker & Family - Evangelism & Aviation
Bro. Alex Lima & Family - Brazil
Sword of the Lord Publishers
Bro. Paul Bach & Family - Alaska
Bro. & Mrs. Lynn Potts - Drawing Others to Jesus
Bro. David Vickers & Family - Thailand
Bro. Howard Alverson & Family - Scotland
Bro. Kevin Noles & Family -Uganda
Fair Haven Home for Men - St. Stephen, SC
Anchor or Home Girls Home - Lucedale, MS
Bro. Joshua Furan & Family - Ireland
Bro. Russell Ray & Family - Myanmar
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